Anywhere Workspace Event Preview Extravaganza

Play back the recording of this recent event #vmware #EUC

Anywhere Workspace Event Preview Extravaganza

Join us to deep dive into all the latest in EUC, SASE and Endpoint Security and learn why you need to attend the upcoming Leading Change: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workspace event happening globally May 5 & 6. Register Now.

VMware Social Media Advocacy

The Future of Work Has Changed Forever. Now…

The Future of Work Has Changed Forever. Now…

When I think about how my work has changed over the past few years, a few thoughts come to mind.

VMware Social Media Advocacy

(VMUG Egypt) Azure VMware Solution live demo and Google Cloud VMware Engine preview (in Arabic/English)

I presented this session to VMUG Egypt before CloudSimple was acquired by Google. I finally managed to post it here for Arabic speaking VMware community.

Accelerate Cloud Transformation with Google Cloud VMware Engine (VMUG presentation)

I presented this session to VMUG on 08/25/2020
The topic is a live demo of Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple Demo

Microsoft Azure posted this nice demo of Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple on YouTube

VMworld 2019 Tech-Talk

After 2 long years of silence, I can finally now blog about my new home at CloudSimple. The reason for the long silence is that CloudSimple was in stealth mode until we launched our Azure VMware Solution in May at Dell-Tech World. We just also announced our GCP VMware Solution that is slated for GA by the end of this year.

This week, I had the opportunity to attend VMworld 2019 in the recently renovated Moscone Center which marks a come-back for the event to San Francisco. I heard that VMware signed a 10 years deal with them. So, if this is true, I hope to attend again in the coming years.

The decision to attend was made late in the event planning process and by the time I was certain of attending, the call for content has already come and gone. The vBrownbag team were gracious enough to accommodate me for a 12 minutes tech-talk after the event catalog was already closed. This is why the talk was not on the catalog.

The talk is titled “Simplifying access to vSphere resources via Azure with CloudSimple“. Here is the YouTube recording of that session. I plan on posting more articles and recording about CloudSimple solutions here soon.

Interview with vBrownbag at VMworld 2017

See my interview with #vBrownbag recorded at #VMworld 2017 featuring my new book “Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 6”.

“vSAN in VMC on AWS environment” VMworld 2017 tech-talk session recording

My @VMworld2017 #vBrownBag tech-talk session “vSAN in VMC on AWS environemnt” recording has been posted at:

Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 6 book signing event at VMworld

A book signing event is scheduled for Monday August 28 1:15pm – 2:00pm at #VMware2017 Bookstore.

[New Book] Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 6 ships July 24, 2017

After 2 long years of working on my new book “Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 6” it has finally been published on July 24, 2017.

I revised the content of the first edition to include vSphere 6 through 6.5.

Content includes:

  • Planning and implementing Fibre Channel, FCoE, and iSCSI storage in vSphere virtualized environments
  • Implementing vSphere Pluggable Storage Architecture native multipathing, SATP, PSP, plug-ins, rules, registration, and more
  • Working with Active/Passive and Pseudo-Active/Active ALUA SCSI-3 storage arrays
  • Maximizing availability with multipathing and failover
  • Improving efficiency and value by unifying and centrally managing heterogeneous storage configurations
  • Understanding Storage Virtualization Devices (SVDs) and designing storage to take advantage of them
  • Implementing VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) to maximize performance and resource utilization
  • Working with virtual disks and raw device mappings (RDMs)
  • Managing snapshots in VMFS and Virtual Volumes environments
  • Implementing and administering NFS 3.0 and 4.1, VAAI, Storage vMotion, VisorFS, and VASA
  • Integrating VSAN core and advanced features
  • Using Virtual Volumes to streamline storage operations and gain finer VM-level control over external storage

The book is close to 1200 pages in a 2 volume set.

See links in the sidebar for buying it from Amazon. Also available at Person Education.