Storage Troubleshooting Boot Camp – Partner Exchange 2012

I will deliver vSphere 5 Storage Boot Camp at Partner Exchange 2012 in Las Vegas on Sunday February 12, 2012.

The session is free to Partner Exchange 2012 attendees and will be 4 hours long starting at 8:30am

Here is the session details:

VMware vSphere 5 – Storage Troubleshooting

Learn basic to advanced levels of troubleshooting storage on vSphere 5 including extensive details about vm-support script, its structure, diagnostics data it collects and how to interpret them from the storage perspective. We will also cover advanced CLI options that will help in daily storage administration.

When: Sunday, February 12 (8:30am – 12:30pm)

Cost: Free with your conference registration.

Who Should Attend: Post-sales engineers who have basic operational and storage knowledge at VMware partners who are responsible for configuration and maintenance of storage environments supporting VMware vSphere 5 infrastructures.


  1. Sandro Carlos Pereira says

    Hello Mostafa,
    I was attending your Boot Camp session in Vegas and I have to say that it was wonderful session.
    I’ve tried to get presentation and video session, but the link that I tried to you is requiring authentication. Can you help me to get those files?
    Thank you.

    • Mostafa Khalil says

      I replied to you directly via email. Please let me know when you get the files.


  2. Session Information:

    Hi Mostafa,

    We are partners with VMware and I can confirm my information/identity via direct communication. I am looking for the content of the session in partner central and am not able to locate it. Can you help me with that?


  3. Hi Mostafa,

    i can have access to this bootcamp if you can share? Direct email attached.

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