Kroll Ontrack – Extending the Power of…

Kroll Ontrack – Extending the Power of Virtualization with VMware

Kroll Ontrack – Extending the Power of…

Kroll Ontrack, provider of technology-driven services and software, experienced challenges with their previous virtual desktop solution. After moving to VMware Horizon™ 6 Enterprise Edition, productivity has increased tremendously and “a few people can now do the job of 10 people.” The company is also planning to implement VMware Horizon® Air™ for cloud-hosted desktops and apps, as well as VMware NSX™ for Horizon® bringing speed and simplicity to VDI networking.

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A Big Leap In Unstructured Data… Isilon.Next -…

A Big Leap In Unstructured Data… Isilon.Next – Core, to Edge, to Cloud

A Big Leap In Unstructured Data… Isilon.Next -…

Do you have an Xbox – 360 or XboxOne? Do you use XboxLive? I do – and as an aside, I’m looking forward to a little Rise of Tomb Raider this weekend, along with Fallout 4 until my eyes bleed…Read More

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EMC VMAX3 – Adding Gatekeeper RDM Volumes To…

EMC VMAX3 – Adding Gatekeeper RDM Volumes To VMware MGMT VM

EMC VMAX3 – Adding Gatekeeper RDM Volumes To…

VMAX3: Creating the RDM Volumes and Associated Masking View This is an example Masking View for a two node ESXi cluster on which the VMAX management virtual machine shall reside: 1. Create a Port Group with the VMAX FA ports that the ESXi hosts have been zoned to: symaccess -sid 123 -name MGMT_VM_PG -type port […]

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How to identify if an ESXi host is booted from PXE?

Have you ever wanted to find out if an ESXi host is booted from PXE?

In ESXi 5.0 and later, a handy CLI based tool, bootOption, can help you accomplish this task. This is available at the DCUI or via SSH.

The syntax to use is:

# bootOption -p

The output can be one of 2 possibilities:

Booted via (g)PXE : 0
which means Not booted from PXE


Booted via (g)PXE : 1
Which means it is booted form PXE


Storage Troubleshooting Boot Camp – Partner Exchange 2012

I will deliver vSphere 5 Storage Boot Camp at Partner Exchange 2012 in Las Vegas on Sunday February 12, 2012.

The session is free to Partner Exchange 2012 attendees and will be 4 hours long starting at 8:30am

Here is the session details:

VMware vSphere 5 – Storage Troubleshooting

Learn basic to advanced levels of troubleshooting storage on vSphere 5 including extensive details about vm-support script, its structure, diagnostics data it collects and how to interpret them from the storage perspective. We will also cover advanced CLI options that will help in daily storage administration.

When: Sunday, February 12 (8:30am – 12:30pm)

Cost: Free with your conference registration.

Who Should Attend: Post-sales engineers who have basic operational and storage knowledge at VMware partners who are responsible for configuration and maintenance of storage environments supporting VMware vSphere 5 infrastructures.

Dell EQL Multipathing Extension Module for vSphere 5 Installation and User Guide

Dell has completed the certification of EQL Multipathing Extension Module (MEM) version 1.0.9 with vSphere 5.0 earlier this month. I attached the installation and user guide here (Dell-110-6093-EN_MEM_Guide_50)

I will have a chapter in my book dedicated to 3rd party multipathing plugins which includes this plugin.

VMworld 2011 Copenhagen

I will be presenting the following session at VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen:
VSP2376 “Performance and Scalability Enhancements in VMware vStorage VMFS 5”
Scheduled for Thursday October 20 at 14:00

Additional sessions by my colleagues are listed at Yellow Bricks blog by Duncan Epping


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