Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 6 book signing event at VMworld

A book signing event is scheduled for Monday August 28 1:15pm – 2:00pm at #VMware2017 Bookstore.


  1. Dear Mostafa,

    I see in your “Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 5” that you have a system with ESX 1.5.2 inside.

    I’m writing a presentation of the development of ESX since version 1 through 6.

    I’m facing the difficulty of missing serial number of version 1.5.2 to make it work.

    Since it’s a very old version and I’m sure that nobody still used it, can you share me the license of this ?

    My email:

    Best Regards

    Khai Hoan

    • Mostafa Khalil says

      Hi Khai,
      Version 1.5.x used to utilize a license file (*.lic) for product licensing. However, I do not have such files any longer.

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